Mobile Waxing in London

French Pixie also fights against one of Mother Nature’s legendary curses on women: Hair!

Waxing is a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair. Unlike shaving, which cuts off the hair at the surface of the skin and makes it harder and stronger, waxing removes the hair from the root leaving your skin soft, smooth and stubble free.

And don’t forget, the more often you wax the thinner and sparser the new growth is! For the best and most professional results, strip wax is used for legs and arms but for more sensitive areas, such as bikini or underarms, hot wax is used as it is a less painful and better quality type of waxing.

Make sure your hair is at least ½ cm long and exfoliate your skin but do not apply body lotion on the day of your waxing. Your skin will feel sensitive after waxing therefore it is best to avoid hot baths, steam, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming or a sun bed for 4 hours before your waxing and 24 hours after. Also, try to not use deodorants after underarm waxing.

French Pixie’s best spells will be cast to win this battle!

Half legs £18
3/4 legs £22
Full legs £25
Underarms £10
Forearms £15
Full arms £18
Bikini £12
G-String £20
Brazilian £30
Hollywood £35
Full Body £100
Eyebrows £10
Upperlip £8
Chin £8
Lip + Chin £12
full face £25


French Pixie does not provide male services. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please note that a minimum of £25 worth of treatments is required for booking

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