Mobile Body Treatments

Be a real Sleeping Beauty with these enchanting body treatments.
French Pixie uses the fabulous Dr Renaud products which contain only natural ingredients such as fruits and plants. Enjoy professional care that combines performance and pleasure, whether you’re looking for relaxation or to reshape your silhouette.

Let the magic happen while relaxing and enjoying a well-being break.


Rich in vitamins and essential fat acids, peach has stimulating, soothing and nourishing properties, which bring an incomparable “velvet effect” to the skin.

Peach Exfoliation Treatment – 30 mins: £40

Give your body a delight with this gourmand scrub which removes dead skin and impurities and smooths the skin. The exfoliation is then followed with a relaxing application of Peach Hydrating Body Milk to soften, restructure and comfort your skin. A real treat for silky and glowing skin.

Peach Massage With Hot Shingles – 1 hour: £55

Fall under the spell of this innovative treatment inspired by Stone-Therapy! Using a “magic potion” made of blend of mineral powder and water, small heating shingles are shaped in front of your eyes! Once made, they are used for a delightful massage that release energy points to relax your body and soul. A pure moment of bliss.

Peach Complete Relaxation Treatment 3 in 1 – 2 hours : £90

This is a marvellous feast for your skin! Combining the peach exfoliation and the hot shingles massage with a relaxing and nourishing wrap in peach oil, your skin is left supple, sublimated and more comfortable than ever. The ultimate wonder for your body.



Mango is rich in essential fatty acids which play a role in hydration regulation and epidermis reorganization for an intensely nourished skin.
Its content in polyphenols and Beta-carotene preserves skin youthfulness.

Express Back Treatment – 30 mins:  £30

This marvelous back and neck treatment will totally amaze you.
You will enjoy a divine grapefruit scrub for an energizing skin exfoliation, followed by a relaxing massage using a Mango Massage Candle. Its wax transforms into oil when melting for a very unique experience.
The perfect trick and treat to defeat your muscular tensions and leave your skin clear, soft and comfortable.

Relaxing Break Mango – 1 hour:  £60

Be enchanted by this entire body relaxing massage performed with an extraordinary Mango Massage Candle. Its wax melt into a fantastic warm massage oil with a yummy Mango scent.
A revitalizing treatment, specially developed to remove muscular tensions and relax you from head to toes as well as nourishing and intensely resourcing your skin.
A true pleasure escape!



Grapefruit has micro-draining and detoxifying “slimming” properties, which facilitate the fight against water retention and cellulite, for a redrawn silhouette.

Grapefruit Professional Scrub – 30 mins: £40

This bewitching energising scrub has an innovative texture, which softly eliminate dead cells and impurities, smooth and give dynamism to the skin.
A combination of Grapefruit Slimming concentrate and grapefruit firming body cream is then massaged into the skin leaving the body feeling soft, tonic and re-energised. A fantastic experience for a “new skin” sublime effect.

Grapefruit Silhouette Massage – 1 hour: £45

Want to vanquish that wicked “orange-peel” aspect?
Unlock that secret of cellulite extermination with this phenomenal invigorating massage.
A combination of Grapefruit Remodelling Oil full of slimming active ingredients and specific massage techniques designed to break down fatty deposits and reduce water retention will help reshape, detoxify and drain your body. Experience the magic of losing inches while relaxing…

Grapefruit Firming Massage – 1 hour: £45

If keeping your body tonic is precious to you, this unique energetic treatment is ideal.
A complete specific massage elaborated to stimulate tonicity thanks to a selection of revitalizing movement for a body toner and firmer. A magic touch that will keep you in shape.

Grapefruit Scrub And Remodelling Wrap– 1 hour: £55 

Start this divine cocooning slimming treatment with a full body exfoliation to maximise the skin absorption.
A remodeling wax, enriched in grapefruit essential oil with micro-draining properties, wraps the whole body to fight against water retention and melts into the skin with infinite softness.
Its warming effect upon contact with the skin aids in the detoxifying process, helping to eliminate toxins for a firmer and smoother skin. Enjoy the enchantment of melting while resting.

Grapefruit Complete Remodelling Treatment 3 in 1 – 2 hours: £85

A complete majestic treatment that will transform your silhouette!
The Grapefruit Professional Scrub, Grapefruit Silhouette Massage and Grapefruit Remodelling Wrap are brought together for an ultimate result.
The scrub maximises the skin absorption, the massage liberates fats, detoxify and drain and finally the wrap allows to better combat cellulite and re-enforce the draining with its aromatherapic properties.
A real conjuring trick to fight against cellulite, reshape the silhouette and melt with pleasure.

Proven efficacy:
Average size lost: -3.5cm at the waist, -1cm per thigh
84% of women said their skin felt smoothed
Test carried out on 19 woman with a daily use of the cream.

Grapefruit Complete Firming Treatment 3 in 1 – 2 hours: £85

Going on a quest of juvenescence? This combination of the Grapefruit Professional Scrub with the Grapefruit Firming Massage and the Grapefruit Remodelling Wrap will not only leave your skin soft and smooth but also firm and tonic. A real fountain of youth for your body.

For an optimized effect, the complete treatments should be done once a week over a month, combined with a daily application of the adapted cream.
Therefore, French Pixie created these amazing offers:

Buy 4 Complete Remodelling 3 in 1 treatments, get 50% OFF the 5th one  + 1 Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate 200ml FREE (worth £28)

Buy 4 Complete Firming 3 in 1 treatments, get 50% OFF the 5th one  + 1 Grapefruit Firming Body Cream 200ml FREE (worth £35)


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