Once upon a time, in an enchanted place near the magical city of Paris, a small and talented pixie was born. She possessed the special power to make people look and feel wonderful, and was inspired to learn how to use this gift to her greatest potential.

When she had reached the required age, she was sent into the city for a very special education. It took her four years of intense training and practice with the most talented fairies in town. During this time she got to know all the secrets of beauty, then another year to add to her knowledge all the tricks of make-up artistry. As her training gradually reached its end and her spells became all the more powerful, the little pixie felt it was time to set-off and fulfil her destiny.

She began with the people of Paris, working from head to toe, making them look and feel more beautiful than they could have possibly dreamed. She practiced her magic everywhere, from beauty places to photo shoots to movie sets. Slowly, her reputation spread and the population of Paris soon welcomed and sought her spells; everybody gathered to catch a glimpse of her magic.

Five years soon passed and it now became time for the little pixie to go and explore new horizons, for she had another calling: to the charming republic of Ireland! The townspeople of Paris bade her farewell and wished her good luck on her new adventure; sure they would never forget her and the legacy she had left.

She flew across the deep water and onto this new land, eventually reaching the enchanted city of Dublin. Initially, everybody was curious about this mysterious creature, but no sooner had she spread her wings and weaved her magic, that they all became pleasantly surprised. People were soon delighted and word quickly spread of her good deeds, not only in her present location, but also across the sea to the mighty kingdom of Great Britain! As her presence continued to capture the townspeople’s hearts, the little pixie felt that she had again accomplished her quest and it was time for her to depart in search of a new challenge.

Finally touching down on the shores of Great Britain in 2008, she decided to go straight to the majestic city of London. The legendary French Pixie had arrived! Since then, she has earned a reputation as one of the greatest pixie stylists in the Northern Valley of London, flying from door to door, visiting all who wish to be transformed. She could be your favourite and most reliable beauty stylist. Perhaps you’re going to the ball, or on a date with Prince Charming? Having your Royal Wedding or simply in need of a makeover? Fear not, for this pixie will fly directly to you, offering the ultimate magical experience that a princess could ever wish for.

French Pixie